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The First Car Washes

OK car wash workers. Please read this so you won’t complain anymore. Only 100 years ago the workers had to push the cars through the carwash. Can you imagine those smart-alecks on the side with hoses while you push the car through the process?

Well, in 1946 someone took care of them. It was probably one of the guys that had to push cars past the fun loving carwash hose guys. They figured out a way to hook the cars to a conveyor belt. That’s almost as good as inventing the wheel. Sorry hose guys, now you’ll have to wait for the owner to walk by to spray someone.

And that could be what lead to the invention of the carwash sprinkler that same year. Add a huge blow dryer and Ah, the auto carwash!

Dan Hanna

In 1955 a man named Dan Hanna opened a somewhat automated car wash in Oregon. That’s right it rains every day in Oregon but why not put a car wash there. I wonder if they gave you a rain check. He called it “Rub A Dub”. Is anyone ever going to name a car wash with a serious name, like Donald Trump’s Car Wash Incorporated Franchise etc.

Then, Dan went on to invent the Wraparound Brush, Roller-On-Demand Conveyor, Triple Approach to Tire Washing, Soft Cloth Friction Wash, Recirculating Water System, the automatic wheel cleaner, a polish ‘n wax application and more. Through Dan’s innovation, his company became one of the most successful franchise companies in the world.

Yes, like Levy Strauss, he knew you could make more money selling supplies to gold diggers than you could make digging for gold.

1970’s and New Car Washes

In the 1970’s car washes suffered because gas prices rose and we had an oil related recession.

That’s right; if you’re old enough you probably rode in a dirty car. Can you imagine that? Since then, the need to not pollute the waterways and with the purchasing of new cars becoming easier, car washes have thrived very well.


Today, many use “Automatic Cashiers”, like ours at wash2go.net . You select the car wash service you want, pay the terminal and the program sets the wash cycle to give you the perfect carwash you ordered. Brushes have been developed so that you can wash your fine brand new automobile and not worry about scratching the paint. Too bad your 6 year old just wrote “I love you dad” on it with a nail.

Here at Wash 2 Go you get free vacuums and you can join the Unlimited Towel Club, where you pay $3 once, and then get a free towel change whenever you come in. Now that’s excitement. Why don’t you give your sweet mom a call while you’re feeling so good! Then, run on out to your car and come on over right now for a perfect car wash.

We love you!

The Wash2Go staff.

The nearest car wash that has all the right stuff and a big sincere smile for you.


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